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By om-in-nano - Posted on 29 April 2010



The project, being carried out at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Wroclaw University of Technology, is seeking the following personnel:

- students (after the third year of studies)

The stipends for those selected in the competition are as follows:
- undergraduate stipend : 1000 Polish zl / month

The recruitment of the candidates for the above listed positions in the project is carried out through a competitive procedure outlined below.
Contact e-mail:
Closing date for the applications is November 15, 2011



For all candidates the following is required:
1. Cover letter ("motivation letter")
2. CV (resume)



1. All the candidates are requested to provide a cover letter in English (up to 2 pages) in which they should propose what may be constituting their role in the project. This should be written succinctly, but with some detail concerning the scientific profile of the applicant and the intended development of this profile. It is expected that in the case of applicants for undergraduate student stipends the letter will be just defining the scientific area of interest whereas for candidates for the PhD stipends more detail is welcome. The candidates for postdoc positions should be much more specific listing their skills of special significance to the project as well as their scientific ideas.

The candidates are requested to acquaint themselves with the broad area of study covered by the project as specified within the project’s web site. It is essential that the candidates acquire some understanding of what is defined as nanophotonics and what role may be played in nanophotonics by organometallics, through reading of original literature and information widely available on the Internet.

2. The resume should be written in English and should follow the usual formats expected for a CV of a scientist. Abundant examples of professional CVs can be found on the Internet. The resume should be not more than 1 page for undergraduate students, up to 2 pages for PhD students and postdocs. A full list of publications should be attached (not included in the page limit).

Candidates for undergraduate student and PhD stipends should provide information on their academic performance to date, including grade average and abbreviated transcript.

3. Applicants should arrange for reference letters (support letters) in English to be sent on their behalf directly to the Project leader. This is optional in the case of candidates for undergraduate stipends, but required for candidates for PhD stipends (at least one letter) and candidates for postdoc positions (at least two letters). The names and e-mail addresses of the people who are expected to send the letters should be included in the CV.



All documentation should be sent by e-mail to the Project leader at The preferred format of the application is a single PDF file, but we can also accept other formats. The receipt of the application will be acknowledged. 

Depending on the number of applicants and the alignment of their skills and scientific interests with the requirements of the project the candidates may be shortlisted by decision of the selection committee before the final interview.

The interview will be in English, in front of the selection committee, which may include a representative of the Foundation for Polish Science. The interviews are likely to be carried out in March. Depending on the circumstances, teleconferencing (telephone, Skype etc) may be used for the interview.

The selection committee will decide on the ranking of the candidates but the final decision on offering the stipend to a winner of the competition as well as the conditions of the participation in the project (eg the starting date, the duration of the contract) will be taken by the Project Leader taking into account current requirements of the project and after negotiation with a candidate.

The directives of the Foundation for Polish Science for the recruitment process in the WELCOME programme can be found at