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Web site changelog

2011 April:

A new foto has been added (1)


2010 December:

A new gallery has been added (1) and the main site has now got three greating slideshows.


2010 July:

Two new galleries has been added (1, 2) and the main site has now got a greating slideshow.


2010 May: 

A second recruitment page has been announced, new galleries were added.


2010 February:

We are launching a new version of the Organometallics in Nanophotonics project web site. This web site will provide a more up-to date insight into what is happening within the project.


1. Meetings:  Our group seminars take place at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at Wroclaw University of Technology every week. We are always open to welcome visitors and listen to their ideas about nanophotonics.

2. News Follow up  -  our news subpage will provide newest information about what interesting is happening in the OM-IN-NANO project.

3. Team Meet us - the team members have a chance to present themselves in the team subpages

4. Publications Here we shall provide information about our recent publications 

5. More OM-IN-NANO  We present several pieces of multimedia abous us, galleries and files to download in the /more subpage
- watch the OM-IN-NANO movie
- listen to the interview with Tatsiana. She describes the project and her role within it.


Best Regards,

OM-IN-NANO web Team