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Krzysztof Janus, PhD Eng

By om-in-nano - Posted on 20 February 2010

Dr inż. Krzysztof Janus

Krzysztof Janus, PhD Eng 

Ph.D. in Chemical sciences since 2002

Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Wroclaw University of Technology, 50-370 Wroclaw
Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27, Poland

Building/room:  A-2 /125
+48 71 320-40-69 |

Short bio:

1998 -  Graduated MSc level in theoretical Phycics, Wroclaw University of Technnology
13th september 2003 - Graduated PhD "Studying the influence of matrix on the photochromical reaction kinetics", Wroclaw University of Technnology; Faculty of Chemistry; Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Research areas: 

Chemical sciences, Physical chemistry


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