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Jan Zaręba

By om-in-nano - Posted on 29 June 2013


Jan Zaręba

Jan Zaręba



                   I.            Education:

o   2009 - 2013 - Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT), Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław, master’s programme in chemistry;

o   2009 – National final of 55th Chemistry Olympiad

o   2006 - 2009 – Secondary school no. 2 in Wałbrzych, chemical-biological profile;


                II.            Area of interest:

o   Synthesis and study of optical properties of nanoparticles;

o   Synthesis of phosphonic acids and derivatives and their application in supramolecular chemistry and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs);

o   Crystallography and structural chemistry.


             III.            Publications:

1.      Michał J. Białek, Jan K. Zaręba, Jan Janczak, Jerzy Zoń, „Chains, Layers, Channels, and More: Supramolecular Chemistry of Potent Diphosphonic Tectons with Tuned Flexibility. The Generation of Pseudopolymorphs, Polymorphs, and Adducts”, Crystal Growth and Design, 2013, 13, 40394050, DOI


              IV.            Patent applications:

1.      Michał Białek, Jan Zaręba, Jerzy Zoń, Polish Patent Application P401597, „Kwas izochinolino-5,8-difosfonowy i sposób jego wytwarzania”, 13.11.2012;

2.      Jan Zaręba, Jerzy Zoń, Polish Patent Application P400008, „Tetra[4-(dihydroksyfosforylo)fenylo]metan i sposób wytwarzania”, 17.07.2012;


                 V.            Conference presentations:

1.      Jan K. Zaręba, Michał J. Białek, Jan Janczak, Jerzy Zoń, poster presentation, “Coordination polymers with tetrahedral organic nodes. Coordination chemistry of phosphonic esterified phosphonic ligand.”,  55 Polish Crystallographic Meeting, Wrocław, 27-29.06.2013;

2.      Jan Zaręba, Michał Białek, Jan Janczak, Jerzy Zoń, oral presentation, “Supramolecular assemblies of new aromatic phosphonic acids”, PANIC 2013 - PhoBia Annual Nanophotonics International Conference, Wrocław, 23-25.04.2013;

3.      Jan Zaręba, Jan Janczak, Jerzy Zoń, poster presentation, "Tetrahedral phosphonic acid as a new potential building block of MOFs. Characterisation based on supramolecular behaviour with aza-heterocycles", XVIIIth International Winter School on Coordination Chemistry", Karpacz, 3-7.12.2012;

4.      Jan Zaręba, Jerzy Zoń, Ilona Turowska-Tyrk, poster presentation, “A new tetrahedral phosphonic acid as a potential building block of metal-organic frameworks”, 3rd International Conference on Metal Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds”, Edinburgh, 16-19.09.2012;


              VI.            Other:

1.      Parr 5000 High Pressure Reactor certificate, 01.2013;

2.      FCE certificate 12.2010.