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By om-in-nano - Posted on 22 April 2010

SHORTCUTS   2009   2010   2011


  • November, 21st - Om-in-nano project report meeting in Warsaw, Poland (participants: prof. M.Samoc, dr K.Matczyszyn, dr M.Nyk, Msc Eng. Joanna Olesiak-Banska, Msc Eng. Dominika Wawrzynczyk, Msc Eng. Marta Gordel, Bartek Straszak)


  • October, 10-14th, Nanoscience Workshop, Malaga, Spain (participants: M.Samoc)

  • June 28th - July 1st, Polish Optical Conference, PKO 2011, Miedzyzdroje, Poland (participants: M.Gordel, M.Samoc)


  • April, Visit on the ENS Cachan University in Paris with invited lecture made by prof. M.Samoc. Participants: prof.M.Samoc, dr M.Nyk, dr K.Matczyszyn and MSc Eng. D. Wawrzynczyk)


  • February, 18th - A 2011 recruitment round has just started!

  • December, 16th - Nano-Eve (or Nano-"Christmas Party"). Merry Christmas!

  • December, 1st - We have done our first femtosecond Z-Scan Measurments. It is the first femto Z-Scan in Poland:)

    ZScan Measurments (Dominika & Kasia) ZScan Measurments (Janusz, Chris, Dr Antoni, Chris, Marcin) ZScan Measurments (Prof. Samoc, Chris)

  • Between 22th November and 4th December we were hosting our guest from Australian National University - Dr. Timothy Christopher Corkery. His PhD thesis concerns nonlinear optical structure in organometallics compounds. His short stay was a great opportunity to share experience between out two teams and to show Chris Wroclaw by night :)
  • April 28-30, PhoBiA Annual Nanophotonics International Conference “PANIC” (participants: almost everybody)

  • April 8-9, French Australian Workshop on NLO-active molecules, Rennes (NLO course and invited lecture by M. Samoc)

  • March, visit at Technical University of Lodz (participants: L.Mazur, J. Szeremeta)

  • March, Nanomaterials for photonics and medicine - invited lecture of dr M. Nyk in the Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University - M. Nyk

  • February, Discovery Project  "Organometallic switches in nonlinear optics" - lecture of prof. M. Samoc in the Chemistry Department in Leuven

  • January 31- February 4, First Polish – French Workshop on Organic Electronics and Nanophotonics in Swieradow Zdroj, Poland (participants: M.Samoc, A. Chyla, K. Janus, K. Matczyszyn, M. Nyk, U. Bielecka, J. Olesiak, J. Szeremeta, L. Mazur, I. Dabrowski, P. Hanczyc)

  • July 2009, Katy Green (ANU PhD student) working in our lab at WUT

  • July 9, 2009 Recruitment complete!

  • May, 2009, lecture of prof. Mark G. Humphrey (The Australian National University) in Walbrzyska Hall, at WUT

  • May, 2009, PhoBiA and OM-in-nano meeting in Wisznia Mala

  • May 1, 2009, Wrocław, START