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Nonlinear biophotonics



A very important aspect of nanophotonics is that certain nanostructures may have applications in medicine eg for diagnostics or therapy. We shall explore this aspect of the use of nanostructures containing organometallics.

Among the subjects of study, we shall make use of very strong optical nonlinearities of organometallic chromophores for devising strategies for obtaining better contrast and resolution in nonlinear microscopy. Of special interest are also properties of nanostructures that can have applications in bioimaging as well as such effects as two-photon circular dichroism.

A separate aspect of studies of optical and nonlinear optical properties of biologically important structures such as DNA is their potential to be used in photonics applications as materials with unique properties, capable of providing useful functionality either by themselves or as matrices and templates for assembling hybrid structures containing chromophores and/or nanoobjects.